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Sine Control Technology Inc. is the new name for Sine Control International Corporation.  Since 1980, we have been the industry leader in ultra high performance Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors.  Our TVSS products, now called PowerClamp, are the very best TVSS units in the industry.  They offer clients worldwide uncompromised performance and protection against power line disturbances that cause unreliability and failure in sophisticated electronic systems.

Sine Control has an extensive private sector customer base as well as U.S. & foreign government users where equipment failure is unacceptable. One example is the U.S.NavalWarfareCenter, who has issued SCT several “Sole Source Justifications” for Nuclear EMP and lightning protection.  Sole Source Justification means that this client will use only Sine Control TVSS units, and no substitutions are permitted.

A TVSS device has only one purpose: to protect electrical and sensitive electronic equipment from malfunction, instability, and damage caused by power line disturbances (transients). When necessary, the device should sacrifice itself to protect such equipment from catastrophic failure due to extreme transients such as lightning.  


PowerClamp’s™ multi-stage design and ultra-low clamping level yields performance that is unsurpassed in the industry, confirmed not only by laboratory testing, but also by hundreds of user testimonials.  PowerClamp™ TVSS units are maintenance-free and operate reliably without any degradation in performance even after decades of service.

Since the early 1980's, hundreds of Sine Control TVSS units have been protecting critical government and private sector installations, many located in high lightning environments.
With the original devices still in use, these sites continue to experience flawless performance thanks to the protection of PowerClamp™ TVSS units.

The most important specification for any TVSS device is the CLAMPING LEVEL, also called the “let-thru voltage”.  Compare PowerClamp’s ultra-low 2-volt clamping levelwith that any other TVSS device.  You’ll easily see why PowerClamp™ is the undisputed leader in the power protection industry.
This website provides detailed technical data about all PowerClamp™ TVSS products, as well as numerous testimonials and case histories from PowerClamp™ users.  If you need additional information, applications engineering assistance, or require a quote, please contact the Sine Control office.

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